ABS Elite Centre , Paul Parrott Locksmiths

Paul Parrott Locksmiths is an ABS approved distributor and Super Elite Centre.

I supply and fit genuine ABS products unlike some which are found on the internet that are eastern copies.
Using my services direct, you can have peace of mind you will receive the Genuine product straight from the manufacture via me.

I am also equipped to cut extra keys should you require them, this includes from code.
Please ensure you register your code which will ensure it is unique to you.

As your super elite centre and not a popular high street shop/cobblers you are guaranteed that only the amount of keys you require are duplicated and not extras that could be sold on to local toe rags for later date skulduggery.
You will also find they are not cut on site.

If you are an ABS customer you will already be aware you have a top of the range high security product.
I for one would like to keep it that way and make no apologies for not just accepting a key being sent for duplication.

Please ensure you have registered your unique code found on your coded card I will also ask you for a security answer.

When you register ABS locks and keys they do not get registered to your address. They are registered to you.

As an Elite centre I carry and hold stock allowing you to buy ABS locks for DIY upgrades. I can also provide you with a secure delivery service of your extra keys or locks if required. This will be discussed with you if you decide to go ahead and use me as your ABS secure supplier.

You do not have to just have UPVC doors and don’t feel left out as I can adapt these products to fit ABS to wooden doors too.
from Padlocks to master suites I’ve got it covered