Lock Fitting

upvc door handlesMortice-lock am a UPVC & wooden door lock specialist. Also a Registered and certified Yale doormaster expert and installer , NCFE level 4 accredited currently the highest in the country.  

Below you will find some basic information on wooden door locks and requirements, If after reading this you are still in any doubt then please remember I am happy to give you a free insurance compliance check and to talk about any door , window or garage security on my visit. Alternatively information on locks and requirements is freely available on many Police and government websites and of course other locksmiths sites all of which I hope should be willing to share their knowledge and advice.

The most common locks found in/on wooden doors, are Mortice locks, incorrectly but commonly known as CHUBB Locks and Night Latches again, incorrectly but normally known as YALE Locks

Mortice locks, Mortice locks come in various grades ranging from your basic 2 or 3 lever for internal doors or cupboards  and even sheds up to the stronger Five or more Lever Mortice lock. 5 Lever motice locks can also come in different grades including British Standard (BS). These locks are  embedded in the door for extra strength, providing exceptional security and specified by most insurance companies.

For your front door and back door British Standard (BS 3621) 5-lever Locks are an Insurance requirement, the latest being BS 3621:2007, because of the higher security they provide.  They can be fitted in conjunction with a Night latch on your front door and a 5-lever BS on your back door.

Ideally two forms of lock on the front a 5 lever mortice lock and a nightlatch either one being of the latest kite-marked British standard version but the very minimum is one.

Additional security example comes in the form of “Rack bolts” seen at the bottom of the page. 

The latest locks that meet the British standard (kite marked) feature a 20mm Bolt which is significantly stronger than the older version.  The newer locks include anti-saw protection, Anti-pick notches , a hardened plate to protect against drilling. I can supply and fit all major brands of Mortice Lock to suit all budgets

Mortice locks can also be used for wooden shed door and internal doors, such as Bedroom and Bathroom doors, there is not a real requirement to fit a BS lock and if this is the case then a 3-lever or 5 lever (non british standard) Mortice Lock will be adequete. 

Mortise locks that have a handle are called a Sashlock, and those operated by just a key, are called Deadlocks.

I also supply and fit Euro Sash Cases. These are similar to a Mortice lock,  but is fitted with a Euro Cylinder that is more usually associated with UPVc  and aluminium doors. ‘Sash cases’ can also be fitted with a Thumbturn or Key and turn for ease of access from the inside.

All responsible locksmiths should inform you that to comply with Fire Regulations, especially within apartment’s or flats an escape version of mortice locks should be fitted to allow for a quick exit in case of an emergency. alternatively I can fit a British standard Insurance approved “egress night latch” which has all the security features of a BS night latch but with out a lockable handle on the inside.

Night-latches, are a very common form of lock, and automatically lock on closing the door. A British Standard, high security version is also available. (Pictured left)

Night-latches have a snib which is pushed up or down to deadlock the door inside or to keep the latch held back,  on older type nightlatches this can sometimes fail,  if you feel this is becoming weaker and doesn’t have a definite click to lock it off then think about having this replaced as a typical example is when putting bins out or waving goodbye to someone the door slams behind you the snib drops down and you are locked out.

The ‘British Standard’ Night-latches feature auto-deadlocking, which is a great security feature, and prevents the old credit card trick “known as slipping seen in films and on TV, and is also a common trick used by the burglar. These  type of locks are Insurance approved only when fitted correctly. with all its fixtures and fittings including the correct screws it came with.

Euro Cylinders, are fitted with UPVc or composite doors in conjunction with a multipoint locking system,  Like Nightlatches, they use a  key, and can be operated from either side with a key, or in a ’thumb turn or key and turn’ type cylinder, with a key from one side, and just a ‘Turn knob’ on the inside, to aid ease of opening usually found in various commercial buildings, residential homes and sometimes flats. 

 I can supply and fit the latest TS007 3 Star rated diamond standard euro cylinder this euro is a restricted key cylinder with patented security features that I feel is the best in the country to date.

 I can fit anti pick, anti bump, anti drill, or anti snap euro cylinders, including the new 3 STAR rated TS007 cylinder.

I will of course advise and discuss with you which lock should be fitted once on site.  I carry a range of locks to suit all budgets and needs for everyone.

We also provide keyed alike and master key systems ideal for Hotels, B&B’s, Care homes and building custodians.  All at a fraction of the cost of  my competitors.

Digital Locks Designed to eliminate the need for keys, minimise installation and maintenance costs, whilst still continues to be one of the most effective and convinient ways to control access in the home or at the work place.

* Keyless entry for convenience

* No batteries or wires, purely mechanical keyless door locks

                                                                                   * Great for additional door security

Garage Doors There are many different types of Garage locks and we can supply and fit all that are currently on the market, call me if you would like to discuss additional security for your garage.

Additional security “Rack bolts” seen in the picture below can be fitted as extra security for back doors and French doors , even under stairs cupboard doors either key operated or a fixed thumb turn can be used.