Terms And Conditions

Paul Parrott Locksmiths Terms and Conditions General Locksmith work

General locksmith tasks will be undertaken as per the request of the client. The tasks that Paul Parrott Locksmiths undertake will be charged based on a rate for labour and a fee for the locks or equipment installed or supplied.  Paul Parrott Locksmiths will undertake any task that he is trained and capable in completing at a sensible and mutually agreed cost.

Paul Parrott Locksmiths has a policy that all tasks undertaken must be paid for within a period of either 7 days (general public)  or 28 days for commercial.  After this period, any client that has not settled there invoice in full will be in breach of the contract and proceedings will be started to collect the outstanding balance.

In the event that a system is obsolete Paul Parrott Locksmiths will endeavour to provide a system as close to the old system as possible with the technical assistance of the manufacturers and suppliers.

Making a Complaint. In the event that you have a genuine complaint please contact  Paul Parrott Locksmiths initially by phone stating your name, task location and if known invoice number. We would also urge the client to put their concerns in writing. Request a copy of the job notes taken at the time and signed for by the client and should you still feel that you have a reason to continue with your complaint then submit your complaint in writing. If the complaint is genuine Paul Parrott Locksmiths will endeavour to repair / rectify the fault straight away and within 72 hours with no cost to the client. Should the fault be found to be due to faulty equipment, locks and a replacement is to be required and the fault is not due to supplier agrees to replace them at no cost. Should the client still feel that their grievance has not been dealt with in full they are requested to seek additional assistance.